What is e-PPS

e-PPS (electronic Public Procurement System) is an open, secure, interoperable and re-configurable platform allowing the implementation of a full cycle of electronic public procurement, in compliance to the European Union (EU) and international legislation.

e-PPS is the most complete and advanced platform available today and it offered as open source software with several installations in the EU and internationally.

The e-PPS platform uses open standards and fully complies with EU legislation on public procurement. The system supports interaction between citizens, businesses, and public administrations allowing them to implement in a fully automated fashion anytype of electronic public procurement.

The e-PPS platform is the result of over 10 years of work and advanced experience in the analysis of public procurement legislation in the field of electronic public procurement, the analysis of the market and the study of all important initiatives world-wide, the design and the implementation of static and dynamic demonstrators related to the European legislation, and finally the design and the development of a modern and efficient IT platform.
Such platform allowed EUROPEAN DYNAMICS  to implement successfully several international electronic public procurement projects.