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Kammarkollegiet of Sweden awards to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS a contract in the field of electronic Public Procurement

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS (ED) offers a complex IT system based on e-PPS as a managed service (SaaS) fulfilling the needs of Kammarkollegiet in electronic tendering, evaluation and contract/vendor management. ED will also provide user training, helpdesk, data migration and interfacing with external systems.

Kammarkollegiet (Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency) is one of the oldest public authorities in Sweden (it was established in 1539). Further to an international competition it awarded to ED a contract for implementing, hosting and supporting at all levels an e-Procurement and Contract Management platform, for Swedish Government Agencies conducting procurement activities and collaborating with their suppliers. The system is being integrated with the Swedish tax system and utilises eID cards for user authentication.

Moreover, e-PPS is localised to support the Swedish language as well as English. “The EUROPEAN DYNAMICS system is used by several large agencies and purchasing organisations around Europe. We are very pleased with the contract and look forward to working with the supplier (ED)\\\" says Mr. Hans Sundström, acting head of Kammarkollegiet’s IT procurement.