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Total e-Procurement solution for Cyprus
Athens, 10 February 2008

The Public Procurement Directorate (PPD) of the Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus awarded a contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS for the implementation of a platform allowing to conduct electronic public procurement competitions in Cyprus. The project aims at the deployment of a state-of-the-art, web-based, e-Procurement system, based on the e-PPS platform, for fully exploiting the efficiencies that the use of electronic means can offer in public procurement.

The e-PPS platform will provide advanced functionality for all procurement phases, comprising eRegistration, eNotification, ePreparation of Calls for Tenders, eTendering, eAwarding and eStatistics. Furthermore, the system will support the use of eAuctions, used as an extension to the eAwarding module. The system will support Open, Restricted and Negotiated procedures, as well as procedures involving Competitive Dialogue. In addition, it will support repetitive purchases through Framework Agreements, as well as the Simplified Procedure for low-value contracts, as prescribed under the national law of the Republic of Cyprus on public procurement (N.12(I)/2006).

Significant consideration is assigned to the non-functional aspects of the eProcurement system, and especially to those that can guarantee adherence to the core principles of the EU Directives on security, equal treatment, and non-discrimination.

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