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Belgian Federal e-Catalogue platform
Athens, 15 December 2007

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS signed a contract with the federal government of Belgium (SPF P&O) for the implementation of its e-PPS based e-Catalogue system. The implementation is in full compliance with the new EU legislation. e-PPS is delivered following the Open Source Software model. The project concerned the design, development and commissioning of an e-Catalogue platform for use by public organisations in Belgium.
The e-Catalogue system offers the following general functionalities:
  • To allow the management of the various Catalogues related activities by the Contracting Authorities (Authorization, Approval, Translation, etc.) following the awarding of a contract to a particular Supplier.
  • To enable the Upload, Update and Management of a Catalogue by the Suppliers, after the awarding of a contract.
  • To enable the searching within the catalogues uploaded for a particular product and the placing of orders on particular products or services, by a buyer.
  • To facilitate the processing and follow up of orders made on particular products, until the product delivery to the Receiver Officer.
  • The e-Catalogue platform offers the following core functionality:
  • Electronic Catalogue: provides the necessary functionality for the management of e-Catalogues (creation/update/browsing displaying search results, etc.).
  • Electronic Ordering: includes the functionality for the management of orders, mainly consisting of their placement, approval and acceptance or rejection, as well as other the update the cancellation or the insertion of delivery information.
It also comprises advanced search mechanisms (e.g. for the consultation of the e-Catalogues) and uses advanced workflows including approval, digital signing and mailing capabilities.

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