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Belgian Federal e-Notifications Platform
Athens, 10 November 2007

This project concerns the design, development and maintenance of an e-Notification platform for use by public organisations in Belgium.
The project was assigned by the Belgian Federal Public Service Personnel and Organisation (SPF P&O); it proposes to associate official publication notices (DTD2.0.5) and modern form filling mechanisms (XForms) to provide online services for the full management of contractual documentation and publication notices (online preparation and publication to OPOCE).

The e-PPS platform also supports the use of the Belgium Electronic Identity Card (eID) for User Authentication and for the creation of Electronic Signature. The project particularly aims at replacing the existing JEPP publication platform to offer a centralised portal for the secure management of publications, where the authentication of all users and the signature of accompanying documents can be carried out using any Belgium citizen eID card. 

The e-Notification system offers the following additional functionalities to contracting authorities, public officers and suppliers:
  • Online communication of Q&As related to a particular call for tender;
  • Some enhanced search engine functionality allowing suppliers to easily retrieve market opportunities (e.g. for the consultation of the publications);
  • Some customised search profiles for automatically notifying registered suppliers when new notices are published;
  • Upload and Signature of Accompanying documents in an online publication Dossier;
  • Workflow of Approval for Publication Dossier and notices (selection of groups of users intervening in the approval process);
  • e-Market place utilising simplified EC contract notices for below threshold publication on the portal;
  • Some business card functionalities allowing private companies to introduce company details within the e-Market place environment;
  • User Management (public officers, contracting authority, suppliers);
  • Contracting Authority Organisation Management (registration, removal of user, sharing of publications);
  • Email notification functionalities.
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